Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just a Good Environment, But Bad Customer Service

Assalamualaikum & Hello all, Happy Sunday!

As I mentioned in last 2 previous entry, I have redeemed my  GroupOn deals for 1 month to Elements Gym for only RM38.00. Yeah, I admit its quite cheap,and I reviewed the facilities too.

But, for the Third time, me and my friend went to there yesterday ( Note: We only went there once a week since we're damn workaholic & we only have free weekends to be spend!)

Unfortunately, we arrive at the gym a bit late, on 6.00 pm & the gym will be closed on 7.00 pm. Yeah,we're quite clever T__T but my friend have to work on that day but she still insists to go to the gym. " Its a wastage if we didnt go there since we pay RM38 for this!" Okay fine, lets go!

Then, at the reception counter, there's a young man (I think) and the conversation started like this:

My Friend : Alamak,macam dah lambat je, kul 8.30 kan tutup?

Reception Boy : Tak,pukul 7. Siapa suruh datang lambat,kami nak tutup dah. (How dare he said like that??)

Me : ( I think he's joking at the first place) Eh tak la Fatin, dia bergurau je kot. Sempat ni, sempat.

Reception Boy : Tak, pukul 7 ok. Kami nak tutup semua dah ni nanti.

Me : Eh tak pe la, lambat ke tak janji kami datang. Kami dah bayar, so kami datang jela.

Reception Boy : Memang korang bayar, tapi gaji kami ni bukan korang bayar, management yang bayar ok?

Me : Management kamu dapat duit dari mana? Dari customer gym ni kan? Habis tu korang dapat gaji tu, Management ambil dari langit ke?

Reception Boy : Setakat Groupon RM38 tu, bukan banyak mana pon. (And he's babbling unclearly)

Me : Ade aku kisah? Janji semua datangnya dari customer. (I started to pissed off and went away with my friends)

Seriously, I never face with this situation before. Suddenly he talks about management, salary & he brought up Groupon issues. What? Why did your management do this Groupon sales if its not the strategy to raise the sales? With unbrained, he talks like the management get the money from golden cave and us,as a customer just a busy-body to use your facilities? Like that?

We're so pissed off until we did'nt use the gym. At last, we only take bath in the female bathroom. And again, the sauna room is closed!(I mean the temperature is closed but it's not 6.00pm yet!)

This is really sickening. So we just take our bath at there! 

And because of we're sooo pissed off, we didn't even fold the towel given and gave to him back the 'heavily wet with water' towel to him. Trying so hard huh? 

And on that time at the reception, there's a number of people there so he didn't say anything just a 'thank you' wishes. Us? Sorry, we dont need an eye contact with you and went away! Its no matter how late/early the customer as long she/he not exceeded the time given & customer always right ok?

Sorry, I have to be fair, Even tough your gym is good on environment basis, but your customer services is s*cks! Please upgrade or trained your staff before talking irrelevantly to the customer. I afraid if, the other pissed off customer will throw your staff into poolside ok? Oh yeah, please teach them Accounts also, and how the revenue is recognised! Haha!

(Please Excuse My Grammar. Oh my English!) =P

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