Saturday, August 23, 2008

aku di- TAG.

okay..i will start my english-typing blog again. not a problem. i can do it. weeee~

well,i've been tagged by my fwen,syimah & as usual,the lame rulezzz is:-

- state 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.
- The 10 people I tag are to then to follow my footsteps and write their own 15 weird things/habits and little known facts.
- No tag backs (as in once ive done this, please dont tag this exact tag again. pls n tenkius.)

1. i am soo moody person. well,same lyk you syima,i also yam a hot-tempered person when it comes to my bad - hair day. there is once time when i get mad wif my coursemates coz she's soo rude so i yell to her in front at the public.[geez,horrible yah? =P]

2. i dont like people copycat my style. i yam not state dat i yam trendsetter.but sumtimes when u in a place where there was all people says dat my fashion is soo radical and the next day u'll see dat person who talk back behind u are wearing and tend to be like you. thatss soo fucked up!

3. i regret of not caring my face b4 diz. people around me will recognise dat i have 'bekas jerawat' at my face. so,u will see a mouth of a volcano at my cheek. dat is coz of my carelessness of taking care of muh face because like to picit-picit my pimples when i was secondary. uuuuuu~

4. i fuck system 'bf is number one'. well,of course i yam not this kind of person. but,i hate when my friend which giving her priority to her bf than her friend since she knows her bf just 1years than her besfriend-more than 5 years!! i fuck this person. =P

5. i like to saying sum illegal words. when it comes to my bad hair day and i hate that person,i will say the words that u cant imagine. well, thats not means i yam no manners to any person,just to person that make my mood down. yeah.

6. i cant stand with a mess. eventhough my room at my house is small,but i cant stand with a mess such as a bedsheet which is not well-organised on the bed,the books not on the shelf and so on. i hate that kind of style. pemalas.!

7. i loike cooking && try new recipes. i yam not compliment myself dat i yam a great chef,but i just know some sort of traditional recipes which been tought by my mum(tq mum) such as chicken curry,ayam masak merah, and so on. but,i love to try cooking using my formula myself or using cookbook. i think this is adventurous because i cant wait to taste what the results then!

8. i yam afraid of weight! ouh well, all the girls outside will feel the same lyk me. they want to be skinny like a model,same goes with me. i hate when my weight is gained but ilove to eat! any people can tell me how to control this habit?? i hate doing exercises because i yam not an athlete!

9. i am optimistic. eventhough i know this thing wud not happen,i always hope the day will come. there was some time when i yam not study for the whole day and i think that i can score the paper without study that paper. am i that genius? ahaks..=P

10. i love to mirror myself. sometimes my fwen will get sick of me bcoz i cant stand one day without mirror to see what happened to my tudung! is it senget? when i go to shopping complex,i will have a glance at mirror at there and my fwen will geleng2 kpale. hehe =P

11. i hate people complain / make fun of me. there was some time which is soo yesterday that i yam soo small,shorty n messy. and the person will complain that "wah,u ni kecik sgt la,makan la byk2" i wish i want to say,go take care urself! are u so perfect?

12. i hate person which easily forget their friend. i dont understand what kind of people lyk this? we used to be sooo close when at school but when everyone get their place themselves now,they forget u. when i ask to make a reunion and hanging out,they say they bz and want to go out with bf. i hate this kind ppl && soo many kind of ppl surround me && after that,i will not ask you for hanging out again.

13. i am not feminisme. yes. i hate heels. i dont love make-ups only when the important event and i dont care people says that i am tomboyish but for me,make-ups is fake person && fake person must die! =P

14. i tend to fight with people && i dont know why. yes,as short i am trouble maker. this is because who befriending with me will fight&&argue with me but just for a short time && after that we will cloose together. this is because i love to test their patience with me. thanx alot ain,aini,ecah,sis sharmi && aida not forget SYAZA!! love u all sooo much!

15. i do love daydreaming but i prefer systematic plan. soo poyos. i am realistic people && to daydreaming sumthing wudnt exist is not in my list. for my daydreaming project now just being an auditor , get my ACCA && overseas!! must accomplish!

i will tagggggggggg~~

1. ezah
2.kudozu[kak dila]
3. yatie saiko

4. khaidzir farhan
5. asan taring
6. zulhatfi
7. bard
8. sara nina
9. ali asyraf
10. people read this blog. musssst do it!!

padan muka korang!


Kenkyu-kun said...

eh nama i dh kena padam dr senarai ?

Anonymous said...

weh.. mls r nk bwt.. haha..


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