Tuesday, August 5, 2008

FESKUM muncul lagi~

its my first entry since i got da internet in my own room..YAYYY!!
alhamdulillah~feel damn glad today.
oh ya,since i am write to this blog,i wanna to told everyone who read dis blog especially the person who are not UMians,you are welcomed to UM because we have FESKUM(Festival Konvokesyen Universiti Malaya) from 1 august till 10th august. so,ask your friend to come along because we have alot activity here :

1.pameran inovasi
2.kem derma darah
3.santai gazebo
4.karnival kanak2
5.program penampilan diri pelajar
6.kejohanan Floorball Intervarsity
7.Hotspot FESKUM
8.Mock Trial
9.Forum Perdana Ehwal Islam
10.Pertandingan Senamrobik
11.Karnival Futsal FESKUM
12.Pesta Buku dan Majalah
13.Pertandingan Paintball(i wanna join this!!)

so,if u interested,lets join us starting this 1st august! dont miss this damn opportunity! 
oh ya,not forget the main sponsor for FESKUM this year is DIGI.:)

any info,kindly visit feskum08 blog.

p/s: u can have a fish spa at RM5 for 5minutes. i have try it twice. V^^,V. cant wait to see sis sharmi graduated this thursday~!

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