Sunday, April 18, 2010

Job Hunting Bebeh! part II

Yes, today i am going again to MCTF(Malaysian Career & Training Fair '10) to accompany my friend;

searching for vacant job?
closer view: just SMS to the specified number together with the code, so that your resume will be sent automatically through da JobStreet. Coolness right?
30 cent/sms okay~
(but you have to register at JobStreet & update your particular details along with your resume)

see I told ya? This is Asia-Europe Institute UM booth. The biggest one among other Uni's booth. Dont jealous okay!
Interested to continue your study in this Institute? please get ready RM8k. :D

Proud to be UMians.. :-)

Not a motorshow okay!
Naza booth with their Ducati motorcycle and what the most important is Naza Ferrari!
See this guy? The sign/screen at his bag states "On your bluetooth"
Register to their lucky draw,or maybe I am lucky enough to have that Ferrari?*perasan*

oh ya, that guy says that bag is quite heavy.. waaaa, I can feel that!:p

mode: started to freaking out about the job eventhough not graduating yet! =S
Who wants to hire me? thehehehe...

*gotta study*bye~!


sebelas said...

wahh gua pergi jugak hari sabtu pasal teman meber cari kerja..giler ahh sesak :D

ardinihumaira said...

i love account! love love love! dan juga calculator! yeayh! akaun dan kalkulator tidak dapat dipisahkan :)

rossoneri said...

lol, yeah me too..anyone wants to hire me??..hahah..adeii, rasa takut plak nak keje..dah la mmg xpenah keje kat opis..jd utk permulaan,maybe kita keje biasa2 dulu kot,nk dptkan confidence dulu

Honey Lalala said...

sebelas: hari ni xsesak. semalam(SABTU) memang sesak. diorang dah tukar route kasi lapang sikit. hik!

ardini: wah. amik course account gak ke?

rossoneri: erm,xpenah kejer kat opis,tp nak keje biasa2. cmne tu? :p

rossoneri said...

hahaha means, keje yang simple, not at a big company, like karangkraf or NST paper,smthg like that..kalo big company pon, tugas yang simple2 dulu.. heheeee..

Honey Lalala said...

yup.. ok gak tu! :-)
rossoneri amik kos pe?
keje bia simple,amik dulu experience cukup2 baru leh target big company..:)


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