Friday, April 9, 2010

My last day holding status as a student

Today will be my last replacement lecture for Islamic Finance. Dont know why, but I feel so sad to leave this style as a student. Hanging out with friends, no deadline to submit(except assignments), everyone have their time to shopping anytime, kara-Oking with buddies, relaxing at hostel while surf net, evening sleep(yeah thats student life habit), gossipping at lecture hall, chit-chatting with friends, having some vacation and publish it in the net(tell that ya goin' holiday) and all the sweetest memory that we have done for this 4 years together!

..yeah, no lecturer will giving me hardest assignment to be submit, lecturer will give hint what going into the final exam paper after this,
..yeah, i will not stay in residential college anymore! waaaaa~

and NOW,

i have to face the fact that i have to enter into working life, reality life that life is not easy like student life. The reality is, working life is simply different than student life; and the saddest part is;


have to earn money yourself. Blergh!

Face the fact Sofahani! =( (how i wish time going slowly)

don't ever give me an idea to extend the semester okay! I wanna grad! >:/



HEMY said...

where were you studying? UIA? student time surely the best time in your whole life. you gonna miss it

Honey Lalala said...

im studying at UM. yeah. surely donna miss it damn much!
UIA? am i look like UIA student?


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