Thursday, October 7, 2010

New career,new world,new scope!

Have you ever heard about you're studying something else,but got the job of something else that really not related with your field of study for the whole 4 years?

Yah, i know that sounds quite lame, some other peeps outside also encounter the same things. And,that thing happen to me, too.

Audit, Tax, Financial Accounting and Reporting.. for now,leave it as history..

Focused to work that more to marketing thingy..but its quite fun!

p/s: i do looove met new people! =)


Syima said...

aik x jd keje bank?

Honey Lalala said...

jd la yang..kan i wat sales..hehe

JelinaJoli said...

bes x?? gaji sure lebat


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