Sunday, October 17, 2010

Open Bank Day!

Last 8 October 2010 our branch have organised an ''Open Bank Day for all clients and staffs! and, it was awesome! But, our sales team got booth to be take care of at UPNM, so i have to stay there until 4.30 pm. And the foods still available! yayyyyY! Delicious ok! :p

retarded face of my male colleagues!

pure-beauty pose by female colleagues! :D

the center one with blue shawl is my big boss, our branch manager! :-)

So far,my working environment there is superb,all my colleagues are supportive and helpful. But,it was me that really not so into this new nature of work. Well, im not saying that I hate this scope of work, but I try to suit myself and set my mind to be 'marketing minded'. Am I able to do this? InsyALLAH. pray for me ya!

At last, hey guys! Interested to our product, Personal Financing-i at lowest rate at 3.25% per annum? do contact me or email me at

Pure Shariah Compliant Financing Product ok ^^

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