Monday, July 16, 2012

What i ate last 2 weeks at Jay Bee? (Part 1)

Lets put aside about work & talk about food.. Yeah,Jay Bee is heaven of food if you can find the right place..

I'm so lucky by having a clix& friends at Jay Bee & take me around Jay Bee just to recommend what's special here..

As a beginning, i will upload part by part progressively..


Mee Rebus Ayam.

Mee Rebus Tulang.

See the straw? Just insert the straw into the bone's hole then take a sip! My other half says, "yummmeh!"  ^^,

Feel the thickness & darkness of the Mee Rebus's sauce, and you will feel addicted forever and ever.. Believe me! :D

Where's the place????

Jeng... Jeng.... Jengggg!!

here. find it if you can, seriously,delicious!

Thanks to Ayie, my friend for taking us there. =D

and not forget to this person too! =P

Oh,how come he's at Jay Bee? Will be explained in another entry..jeng! :D

Part 2? I'll update soon,very soon! =]


Amieynna said...

ahaha.. tempat feveret aku..
aku suka mee rebus ayam.. sbb mee rebus tulang tu kalau mkn hilang comel.. sbb duk sedut2.. hehe..
kene try chicken chop die..

*ralat nye tak dpt jumpa kau*

Honey Lalala said...

hahaha..kan? ayam dia banyak lak tu..kenyang!
ciken cop dia sdp eh? pasni nk p lagi la ko bwk ye =)

alalala..pasni jumpa eh,jgn bg alasan lagi,xdpt nk naik preve ko! :(


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